Which team has the best squad on the way to the Olympics

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It was a beautiful day on the slopes of Mount Everest in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu.

The Himalayan nation’s elite mountain biking team, led by world champion Chris Froome, set a new record in the women’s team pursuit at the top of the world.

It was also a day for the world’s biggest mountain dog.

The mountain dog was the target of a vicious attack on Sunday by a group of masked attackers who threw her into a truck and drove it off.

It is unclear if the dog survived.

One eyewitness told the BBC that the attackers were armed with knives, swords and other weapons.

The attackers were reportedly wearing black ski masks and helmets.

“They were very angry,” said a woman who witnessed the attack.

“The dogs were very happy and excited.

The dogs are very close to each other, but the attackers took their distance very quickly.”

The dog was found to have a bullet hole in her head and her heart had been punctured.

But the attack was only the latest in a series of attacks on the mountain dogs that have been reported in recent years.

“These people are so desperate,” said the woman.

“If you can’t get on your bike, there’s nothing left for you to do.”

The attacks have not gone unnoticed by the Nepali government, which has sent thousands of police to protect the dogs and is investigating the attacks.

It has also issued a warning to mountain bikers, warning them to not ride at night and to keep away from “bad people”.

But the attacks are not new.

In 2015, two mountain dogs were killed in the Himalayas after being attacked by a mob of people.

The attacks were filmed by local media.

In March this year, a dog was attacked in Kathmandue by two groups of people, which were filmed using their mobile phones to film the attack and later uploaded it to the internet.

The footage led to a police investigation.

The latest attack is believed to have taken place in the mountain town of Goli in the north of the country.

The dog, which was found on Sunday, is believed by some to be in her 40s.

A spokesman for the city’s police department told the Reuters news agency the dog was in her “prime” and was well cared for.

“She is a very important member of the city, her life and well-being is very important to the city,” he said.

“We have been informed by the mountain police that she has been in stable condition and is doing well.”