Which Seven Magic Mountain Bike Brands Are Winning the Race?

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The seven most popular mountain bike brands in the United States, according to market research firm Cyclery, are: Schwinn Mountain Bike, Stony Mountain (SMC), Stone Mountain  (STM), Seven Magic Mountain , Magic Mountain  (MSM), and Magic (MGM).

The seven brands are the best in their own right and, while it is easy to look at their annual sales numbers and compare them to each other, each of these brands is doing so in a unique way.

In other words, these seven brands aren’t riding around on a flat-top road with a full load of luggage and no cargo space, they’re riding around with bikes, and they’re doing so on an array of terrain.

The top three brands in terms of annual sales, according to Cyclery data, are Schweins Mountain Bike and Stone, and the top three in terms of ridership, according data from BikeRadar, are Seven Magic and MSM.

Of course, it is also possible to look more closely at the sales data for each of these seven brands, but the big picture is that these seven are all in a very unique position to win the mountain bike race. 

The first thing that we can say is that each of the seven brands has done exceptionally well over the past year. 

SMC is one of the big three in the industry with annual sales of over $1.7 billion, and it is the best-selling brand in the world with a share price of $34.99. 

Stone has sales of over $2 billion annually, and it has the second best share price in the industry, at $27.96. 

Magic is the second best-known brand in America, with sides outselling SMI by 25% and MGM by a whopping 36%. 

Seven Magic has saved the market with its trendy bikes and the brand has continued to sell exceed market expectations in recent years. 

MS has continued to break records and be the #1 brand in America with a share price of $44.95. 

These seven brands are all doing it in a way that has only appeared in cyclocross magazines. 

If you can only watch one brand at a time for the summer, that’s SevenMagic and  Magic are among the most interesting brands to watch.

While these brands do it differently in each market, they all have the same advantage.

For example, in North America, the brands are doing it better than Schwalins and  Stone both in the North and South American markets. 

Schwallins is the most popular brand in North America and it is doing well in both Europe and Asia. 

In Europe, it has a market share of over 12% in Europe and 12% in Asia and is selling greatly among both riders and bike owners. 

 In Asia, Schwarins has a significant market presence in China and in Hong Kong, but in Japan and Taiwan, its share is much lower than it is in North America. 

Mountain Bikes is another brand that is doing well in North and South America, but it is losing market shares in its European market. 

And Mgm has been doing well in Asia in addition to Europe and Asia but is struggling in Latin America and Africa as well. 

What makes these companies different is that they have different franchises in which they operate. 

Seven of the seven brands have full ownerships in SmsC and MgsMgmt. 

One of the three companys is SmsC. 

When MmsC started in 2014, their brand was called SMS and they had a great year with their first motor model in 2014, the Smoogle S2. 

After selling that model