When You Think You Know What a Splash Mountain Cabin Is, You Think It’s an Outdoorsy Resort

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In a new video, the National Parks Service’s Splash Mountain cabin is described as “a truly wild, scenic, and unique resort,” and it offers “a spectacular backdrop for your romantic or romanticized outdoor adventures.” 

According to the narrator, the cabin is situated in a remote section of the park that has been designated for “wilderness” and has been “finally recognized as a refuge.” 

The narrator describes how the cabin provides a “sprawling landscape,” a “flowing, colorful river,” and “beautiful, lush greenery.” 

A look at the cabin from the outside reveals that it is a traditional cabin with a small courtyard.

The cabin’s interior, with its “white and yellow walls, is filled with the rustic rustic elements that have been part of Splash Mountain for years.” 

On the outside, the narrator describes the cabin as a “sunny, cool, and quiet place.”

It is, the Narrator says, “somewhat rustic, but not overly so.” 

“There is a small porch at the front, and there are a couple of benches outside that are covered with flowers,” the narrator continues.

“A large window in the corner allows a nice view of the pool and other nearby lakes.

There are also some lovely rocks and small logs that hang from the tree trunks.” 

 The cabin is set on a hillside, and it is surrounded by “forested land.”

The cabin “gives you the feel of being at a cabin and having a good time,” the Narrators description continues. 

“The views of the lake are spectacular.

From the back, you can see the water in the nearby lake and the mountain peaks that are just beyond.

From here, you get a view of all the other peaks and valleys and the lake itself.” 

In the video, a guide shows the narrator the area of the cabin and the surrounding area. 

The guide says the cabin offers a “perfect setting for a romantic evening,” and that the cabin “is located on a steep, flat, and narrow hillside with views of a variety of landscapes.” 

“…there is an excellent location for a nice night on the slopes,” the guide said.

“It is located just off the main trail.

It is perfect for romantic or sentimental occasions.

The views are stunning.” 

During a tour of the cabins interior, the guide describes the “vibrant color and rustic feel of the interior” as “the perfect setting for romantic evening.” 

One of the first things visitors will notice when they enter the cabin, the Guide said, is that it’s “fascinating.” 

As the narrator says, the interior is “furnished with rustic materials that remind me of the rustics cabin I visited in the 1970s.” 

However, the Cabin, in particular, is described by the narrator as “sprawled out.” 

Although the cabin itself is described to be “slightly rustic,” the cabin does not “have any rustic wood in it,” and instead “has a bright, colorful, and vibrant color.” 

From the outside of the Cabin’s interior and from the window, the narration describes “a flowing, colorful riverside.” 

It is described that “the water is in the creek, and is flowing down through the tree-trunks and through the waterfalls.” 

(The Narrator notes that the creek is a river that runs through the park, but does not run through the cabin.) 

The Narrators website, which has been updated to note that the Cabin is in fact an outdoor cabin, notes that “a large window overlooks the pool, and the pool is surrounded with flowers and a waterfall.

The lake is a very picturesque lake with many beautiful falls, including a waterfall and a large, beautiful waterfall.

There is also a small waterfall.” 

After the narrator talks about the “spreading, colorful” water, the camera pans across the cabin to show that the water is “very vibrant.” 

While it is described “very bright” and “a wonderful setting for Romantic or Romanticized Occasions,” the Cabin does not have “rustic, rustic material” in it, and “does not have any rust,” the description continues, referring to the cabin’s exterior. 

Although “the cabin is rustic and rustics rustic cabin,” the Guide says, that rustic nature does not detract from the cabin. 

“…the cabin has rustic white walls and windows.

There’s a large window overlooking the pool.

There was once a creek that ran through the interior of the property, and that creek has since been replaced with the water park,” the narrated Guide said. 

As you look around the cabin for a view, you will notice that the “waterslide is located in the