When is the last time you had a sip of lake Ozone?

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Sierra Nevada mountain water park will close on October 2, 2018 due to lack of demand.

The park’s owners are asking visitors to stop by for the new waterpark and the lake.

A new, improved waterpark is expected to open on October 1.

The park is the third resort to close due to poor demand.

In December, a waterpark in the mountains of New Mexico closed after two months due to low demand.

The resort’s owners were hoping for the same kind of weather for this summer.

The waterpark’s owner says the lake will have to wait until the end of 2019.

“We need the lake to open as soon as possible,” the resort’s owner, Chris Jones, said.

“This summer was the most difficult one to get a lake open because of snow, but it is going to be better for the lake because we are going to have a better lake open in October.”

Jones says the new lake will allow visitors to swim, hike, camp and take the water skiing and tubing.

He says the resort is planning to reopen the waterpark at the end, but he can’t guarantee when that will happen.

The lake will open on a first-come, first-served basis.

A pool opens in the morning, and a boat park opens the next day.

Jones says guests will be able to stay in the lake and watch the water slide down the slide, or sit in a boat and soak in the cool water.

The resort will also have a beach, a cafe, and picnic areas.

For more information on the lake, go to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Resort website.