What do we know about the new Paradise Canyon project?

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The Paradise Canyon waterpark has been named one of the best waterpark attractions in the world by Golf Digest.

The facility has been designed with visitors in mind, and offers a unique waterpark experience in a unique setting.

The waterpark also has a swimming pool, a bike path and a children’s play area.

The waterpark opened in March 2019 and features two water slides, a slide with water, a mini golf course and a skateboard park.

Guests are able to take a kayak, canoe or a roller coaster on the water, as well as a slide.

The ride will be run by Paradise Canyon, which has partnered with local company Aquatic Adventure.

The park was created by local artist Dan Pascale, who also designed the park.

The new Paradise canyon park will be located at Paradise Valley in the Pescara Valley, in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The company hopes to create an attraction that can draw a new generation of guests, according to a press release.

“We’re excited to bring Paradise Canyon to Santa Monica, a great location for the park and to bring our guests a unique and engaging experience in the Valley,” said Bill Marotta, President and CEO of Paradise Canyon.

“We are so excited about what Paradise Canyon has to offer.”

Aquatic Adventure is a California based waterpark company that has over 60 years experience in water parks, including Paradise Canyon in Santa Monica.

It was founded in 2002.

The Paradise Valley waterpark will be the first in Southern California to offer water slides.

According to a release from Paradise Canyon: