The table mountain casino is coming to the table

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Mountain cur dog is coming for the table at the Table Mountain Casino in Phoenix.

The company, which has been operating in Arizona since 2014, said Thursday it’s in talks to open a casino at the property in the northern Arizona city.

Mountain cur dog owner and developer Brian Cusack says his company has been talking with the casino’s owners about bringing its casino to the Phoenix area.

He says the new casino would be the first in Arizona to use the table-mountain concept.

The Arizona Gaming Control Board last month approved the casino, but the city of Phoenix, which owns the land, has until Sept. 7 to approve the deal.

The City Council will then decide whether to allow Mountain cur dogs to live on the property.

The table-and-ballroom concept involves a series of tables and an outdoor bar.

Cusack, the Mountain curdog owner and the casino owner, says he would like to open up the casino to Mountain curdogs, but only if the city agrees.

He said he’s willing to provide more information on the project.

“It’s a long-term investment,” he said.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who has called for Mountain curd dogs to be legalized in the state, has not said whether he’s interested in seeing Mountain curds at the table casino.

Stanton said he would welcome Mountain curdy dogs into the city’s city center if they’re willing to relocate there.

“We’d love to see Mountain curdies in our city center,” he told The Arizona Republic newspaper last month.

“We would welcome them if they want to come.

It’s a great opportunity for Phoenix.”

The Arizona Daily Star reports the Mountain Curd Dogs of America, a nonprofit that provides services for Mountain dog owners, is considering moving its headquarters to Phoenix from nearby Tempe.