Spirit Mountain Casino opens in Seattle

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Seattle (AP) Spirit Mountain casino opened its first Seattle location Friday, a move that will be welcomed by residents of the Pacific Northwest who say the new casino will add to their city’s gambling options.

Spirit Mountain will operate a $100 million gaming complex, and its gaming operations will include an additional two slot machines and four roulette machines, according to a news release.

The company will also sell lottery tickets.

The casino will operate on the same site as the Spirit Mountain Resort and Casino, which opened in July.

The Spirit Mountain site will be the third Spirit Mountain location in Seattle and the first in the Puget Sound area.

Spirit is owned by Wynn Resorts.

It will be operated by the Las Vegas Sands company, which operates in the U.S. and Canada, and by Bell Atlantic Gaming.

The $100-million-plus complex, called Spirit Mountain, is being built on a 40,000-square-foot site adjacent to Seattle’s airport and will include a large indoor gaming floor.

The Seattle-based company is owned and operated by Wynns parent company, MGM Resorts International, and was founded in 1997 by Stephen Wynn, the former CEO of the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas.

The Wynn brand has been in Seattle since 1996.

Spirit’s gaming operations also will be located in the same part of the casino complex that will house Bell Atlantic, the company said.

Wynn owns a 50 percent stake in Bell Atlantic.

The Las Vegas casino, which has had three casinos in the Seattle area, was built in the 1990s with casino and restaurant businesses and is operated by two private companies.

Bell Atlantic was the first casino operator to open in Seattle.

The Bell Atlantic casino has been open for three years.

The Rose Bowl has been a popular destination for Seattle sports fans and is scheduled to be rebranded in 2018 to be the new home of the Seahawks.

The Seahawks will host the Arizona Cardinals on Jan. 1 in Seattle, a game that will feature two games at CenturyLink Field.

The stadium is scheduled for construction to be completed in 2021.

Seattle-area resident Julie Hirsch said the new gambling center would make it easier for residents to gamble.

“It’s just a huge boost for the community,” she said.

“There are going to be a lot of new residents coming to Seattle.

It’s going to have an impact on what we’re seeing in Seattle.”

The Rose-Hills casino opened in February.

The MGM Resort International opened in January and is owned in part by Wynnen Resorts, which is part of MGM Resolutions.

BellAtlantic is expected to open next year in Las Angeles.

Spirit has operated a gambling facility in Seattle for five years, and it opened a gambling and food service facility in May.

The first casino in the Pacific Rim region, the Las Peñasquitos, opened in May 2010.