How to use Google Maps to find the best trailhead in Nepal

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By KANDAHAR RAVANABARATHANAPAN | APRIL 10, 2018 04:11:16How to use a Google Maps feature to find a trailhead.

The mountain clipart series by Kathmandu’s mountain cliparts depicts an avalanche-prone area in Nepal.

(Courtesy of Kathmandue Clipart)The mountain clip art series by the Kathmanduan mountain clip artists is filled with the most popular destinations in Nepal including Mount Everest and Mt.

Mauna Kea.

The artists draw mountains, cliffs, lakes and mountains in different landscapes, often with varying heights and textures.

The series also includes scenes from the nearby Kailash valley, which has seen avalanches occur on multiple occasions, and scenes of trekkers, trekkers’ families, hikers, trekker guides and other trekkers crossing the mountain.

The clipart artists are using a feature called Google Maps that lets users zoom into a map and see the locations of landmarks and trails.

The feature has been popular in Nepal and other parts of Asia, with people often using it to find their way around the world.

“It’s great to be able to see a mountain on the map.

If you want to go from one place to another, it’s really handy,” said Karthik Bhagwati, director of the Kathmoudu Institute of Photography and Film, which is one of the groups behind the series.

The series is part of a broader push to showcase the country’s scenic beauty and heritage.

The filmmakers recently created a series called The Mountain People, which shows the Nepalese people of the Himalayan range living in Nepal, Nepal and India.

The Himalayan Mountains are one of Nepal’s major landscapes, but in the past, there have been avalanches and landslides in the region.