How to make the perfect green mountain grill

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The green mountain is the perfect place to enjoy your dinner and a beer on a hot summer day.

The perfect place for a barbecue and a bite to eat.

This spot offers a nice mix of traditional and modern flavours.

A nice selection of smoked meats and a lot of great craft beer on tap.

A little hidden gem is the beer garden, which is perfect for those who are looking for a good beer and a good barbecue.

Here you can enjoy a range of beers from the greats, as well as the lesser-known and craft beers.

The main attraction is the large and colourful patio.

It is a fantastic spot for a relaxing barbecue with a picnic.

The atmosphere is relaxed, with a small but lively crowd.

If you are planning to head to the Green Mountain Barbecue in Woomera for a BBQ or a glass of wine or a beer, then this spot is definitely worth a try.

The weather here is ideal for a delicious barbecue.

It gets pretty warm on a sunny day and if you can find a spot on the mountain for shade, then you will be able to enjoy a barbecue.

The location is on the top of a hill overlooking the river.

This is a great spot for picnic tables and chairs.

It’s also a great place to sit and watch the sunset from your picnic table.

The beer garden is on a hillside overlooking the Woomerang River, which provides a lovely setting for a cool evening.

The patio is right next to the river so it’s a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the sunset.

A great place for some delicious BBQ.