How to go about hiking in the Australian Outback

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The long-awaited return of Australian Outbacks to the world is just around the corner, and we’re about to find out what that means for us.

For many, the return of Australia’s famous national parks is as much about conservation as it is about a thrill ride, and that’s exactly what the NSW Tourism Department is doing this summer.

On the northern shores of New South Wales, visitors can start off with a short day of bushwalking and canoeing in the stunning Botany Bay National Park, and then make their way down the coast to the magnificent Cahill River Valley.

While the river may look like a muddy river, the Cahill is a beautiful stretch of riverside land that’s been carved by the landforms that shaped Australia’s landscape.

The Cahill Valley is also home to a number of unique bushwalks and canyons, which will make for a stunning day hike.

From there, the tour will continue to the Great Botanical Gardens in Townsville, and there are several great places to stop and enjoy some of the country’s best views of the world.

But perhaps the best thing about the return is that it’s also about the people.

At the end of the day, tourism is all about bringing people together, and a return to the Outback will give people a chance to reconnect with the wild and unique Australian landscape.