How to find the wildest places in Colorado

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Wild West show is back for another year with a new show in 2018, but this year the animals aren’t coming to Colorado to escape the cold.

Instead, the zoo will bring the animals to the Great Smoky Mountains, including the state’s famous Rocky Mountains, for a three-day celebration.

The animals are brought from New York and New Jersey and will live in the Great Western Wilderness, an area of the park where the animals have been on display for more than a decade.

The zoo said the animals are part of an ongoing program that aims to showcase wildlife to the public.

The show will be staged on May 19, with the first four animals arriving in the park on May 14.

The first animals will be taken to New York City on Saturday for a show at the Museum of Natural History, where the public can get to know the animals firsthand.

The show will then travel to New Jersey on Monday for a performance at the National Museum of American History, and then to the Rocky Mountains for a live show on Tuesday at the Colorado Natural History Museum.

The zoo is also planning to bring the wild animals to Los Angeles on Friday and Saturday, where they will have a chance to interact with people.

The Wild West in Colorado is a partnership between the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department and the National Park Service, which manages the park.