How to enjoy the beautiful views of the Beech Mountains

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What a wonderful view!

This is the best view of the summit of Mount Beech.

You can even go as far as the summit itself.

This is where the highest point of the mountain, Mount Becht, lies.

The summit of the highest peak in the world can be seen from the park.

And if you want to get away from the crowds, the park is only a short ride away.

Beech is the second most visited peak in Canada and the highest in the U.S. This beautiful mountain can be accessed by car or bike.

Becht is a national park with a number of trails, including one that takes you past the famous ‘Pig House’ and ‘Canyon Trail’.

Becht can also be climbed in winter.

In fact, the peak is popular with mountaineers and snowshoeers.

The weather on Becht Mountain is typically hot and humid.

Bech Mountain is a popular destination for mountain bikers and snowboarders, and there are plenty of trails.

The park offers a number at different levels, from beginner to advanced, including a short but steep, challenging section of the ‘High Mountain’ Trail, and a long but fun loop that takes visitors up the famous Mt.

Beoch and into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The views are spectacular, and it is a truly magical place to enjoy.

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