How to Eat at the Hidden Mountain Resort in Kerala

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This year’s Hidden Mountain Restaurant is being built by the Kerala government to be a restaurant that will cater to those who cannot afford the traditional luxury hotel meals.

Hidden Mountain Restaurant in Kerala, Kerala, India. 

(Photo: Courtesy of The Hidden Mountain)The Hidden Mountain restaurant will serve guests the traditional Kerala cuisine that includes fried chicken, fried rice, rice balls, roti and a variety of curries.

The restaurant will be open to the public for dinner, lunch and dinner service only and guests can book through a reservation system.

The restaurant has been constructed with the help of a partnership between the state government, the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and the Kerala Council of Visitors.

For those guests who cannot attend the traditional hotel meals at the hotel, there will be a menu available at the restaurant that can be eaten at the resort.

This year’s menu is being prepared by chef-owner Ramesh Kulkarni and will include fried chicken and rice, rotis, curries, rice and roti, grilled chicken and chicken, fish cakes, a variety with vegetables, vegetables and chicken and fish balls.

The menu is to be released on the day of the launch.

The Hidden Mounts restaurant in Kolkata, India.(Photo: courtesy of TheHiddenMounts)The menu is also to be served in the hotel bar, which is also part of the project.

The restaurant will have a lounge area, bar and restaurant.

In the past, many Indian restaurants have been set up to cater to the upper classes, and these restaurants have faced issues of poor quality and poor food quality.

The government has decided to build a restaurant to cater for those who can afford the premium hotel meals and will have an option for people who cannot meet the budget of the restaurant.