How to drink beer in Texas without a license

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A new law that goes into effect Thursday requires brewers to have a license before they can sell beer.

The Texas Brewers Guild says it’s now up to about 100 breweries across the state to register with the state and get permits to sell their wares.

That includes a brewery in Austin, a craft beer destination in Dallas and a small batch brewery in Brownsville.

The legislation also makes it easier for small brewers to grow their business, which is currently more difficult.

Under the law, small brewers can sell up to three barrels of beer in their breweries per calendar year.

That’s up from two barrels per calendar month under current law.

But that’s just the beginning of the bill’s effects.

The state is also trying to close a loophole in the bill that allows breweries to charge higher prices for beer than they charge for other types of alcohol.

That means more of Texas’ small brewers may have to pay higher fees to cover costs related to serving the state’s alcohol.

The law also increases the amount of alcohol that must be sold at the brewery to 10 percent, which the guild says could make it difficult for smaller breweries to sell the beer they produce.

The law also caps the amount that can be sold to individuals and businesses.

If the bill passes, the number of breweries that can sell alcohol will likely increase, as well.

The bill also includes a provision that gives local governments the authority to require a license for any new brewery that comes into town.