How to deal with the mountain monsters

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An epic battle between the Mount Lofty, a massive monster and the fearsome Bogan, a flying monster, has been filmed in Queensland’s north-west.

The epic battle was filmed in the region by the state’s largest wildlife park, Rockhampton, and featured the mountain-biting creatures battling in the skies over the town of Rockham, in the Northern Territory.

The two fearsome beasts were filmed flying in the air and making rapid, powerful leaps to land on the ground.

Rockhamton park chief ranger Craig Roberts said the two monsters were battling for supremacy over a small patch of land on a small hillside.

“It was quite impressive.

I was a bit of a nervous wreck,” he said.

“The Bogan made some great leaping leaps but I couldn’t hold my breath.

It was like a real race.”

“I was quite amazed.

It just blew me away.”

The epic filming took place in the remote bushland around Rockhamtown, which is nestled between the Northern Rockies and the Southern Alps.

The park also has a number of other species of mountain monsters.

“This battle is one of the most impressive encounters in the park,” Mr Roberts said.