How to avoid the Silver Mountain home burglary with a new approach

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Posted May 07, 2019 09:37:23By now, you’ve probably seen this video of a home in Idaho that looks exactly like the Silver Lake house it’s supposedly a part of.

The house is actually in Silver Lake, but the burglar is a male named “Dennis” who goes by the handle “Denny” on Instagram.

It’s a fairly typical, everyday burglary in Silverlake, so you might not think much of the story until you get to see the videos.

Denny’s home is surrounded by a fence, but when you open the door, you can see a metal gate.

There are signs on the side of the fence that say, “No trespassing” and “Lock and key not required.”

There are no keys, and no lock on the house.

As you enter, you find a large, dark room.

Dennis’s house is also very much like the one in the video, but this time it’s a complete mess.

The bathroom has been broken into, and the bathroom sink has been left running for three days.

There’s blood everywhere, and a dead body on the floor.

There are two doors on the outside of the house, and Dennis’s house has no sign of a garage or anything else.

What’s even more bizarre is that Dennis has put up two signs in the front of the property: one of which reads “Home” and the other says “No pets.”

The sign in the back of the yard says, “Lock & key not necessary.”

That’s not what you’d expect to see in a typical home.

The home’s “Lock” and keys are visible in the window of the front door.

The back door is unlocked.

There is a large metal gate on the back side of Dennis’s home, and he’s locked it.

The lock is a “B” on the door and a “C” on each of the two front doors.

On the back door, Dennis has taped a “S” and a circle to it.

“S-C” is the “No Trespassing” sign, “S-” is “Lock,” and the circle is the metal gate that Dennis is locked into.

Dennys house is not really a home, but rather a series of rooms that are divided into two different sections.

The first section has the garage on the inside of the home, while the second section has a basement.

In the basement, you’ll find a small room with an open window, a large sink, and three small chairs.

The first room in the basement has a large mirror and a couch.

On each side of that couch is a small bed and a bed roll.

On top of that bed roll is a chair.

The couch is covered with a sheet.

The chair is sitting on a pile of garbage, and it’s been sitting there for days.

The second room has a bed, a couch, and some furniture.

On that couch, there’s a bedroll.

The mattress is on the bed, and there are two chairs sitting on it.

On Dennis’s bed, there are a bunch of items that have not been removed from the pile of stuff: a dresser, a bookcase, a chair, a dress shirt, a pair of jeans, a jacket, and other stuff.

There is also a blanket.

There was a trash bag in the center of the couch.

The basement has another large mirror, a sink, a door, and two chairs.

The bed is on a mattress.

On this mattress is a dressshirt, and another pair of clothes.

There were also a couple of things on the table, a bottle of water, and more clothes.

The sink is on another couch, on which are two towels and a few things.

On the other side of this couch is Dennis’s room.

There, there is a door and two small chairs on it, and on the other couch, Dennis is lying on a couch with a book on his lap.

The bookshelf is on top of the bookshele and is filled with things.

Denna is on her phone, and she’s playing a video game on her tablet.

On her tablet, Dennis reads a newspaper article about an incident where someone broke into a home and stole money from a homeowner’s account.

In this article, Dennis writes about how he woke up in his home and saw a man who looked like Dennis who was in the garage.

Dennis then goes on to describe the man who took money from the account and fled the scene.

Denny then goes into her phone and sends a text to Dennis, telling him she has to leave.

The next day, the man appears in Dennis’s apartment.

The video of Dennis and Dennys story is actually quite similar to the case in Las Vegas.

On July 26, 2017, a woman called 911 after she was approached by two men who she believed were looking for money in her bank account.