Former US President Donald Trump says ‘nobody has to go through this’

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NEW YORK — The former president of the United States said on Sunday he has no regrets about what he called the “vicious” treatment of the families of American service members killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Trump, speaking at a press conference on the USS Arizona Memorial in Washington, D.C., said the “nobody had to go” through what he said was a “torture” during his presidency and urged the military to get to the bottom of what happened in Afghanistan.

“No, I’m not sorry.

I’m proud of what I did,” Trump said, addressing the media in front of a photo of his father, former President Richard Nixon.

“It’s a horrible thing that they had to do.

It’s a very sad thing.

Nobody has to do this.”

The comments come after Trump’s former national security adviser and a top aide, Lt.

Gen. Michael Flynn, resigned Monday, and Trump defended his former chief strategist Steve Bannon and adviser Stephen Miller.

Trump said he had no regrets and “nobany has to” go through what happened during his eight years in office.

“The American people, in many cases, are not willing to go to war anymore.

They don’t believe that war is necessary.

They’ve never seen war.

They just want to go back to their jobs and go about their business,” Trump told reporters.

“I had the honor of doing a lot of bad things, I regret a lot.

I don’t.

I didn’t have the honor. But I didn