Cheyenne Mountain Resort’s latest home is a wall of snow

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Cheyena Mountain Resort in Wyoming’s Okemo mountains is getting a new home.

The resort has announced it will be closing at the end of the year.

The Cheyennes website states the resort will be the first to be sold to a private developer.

Okemos chief operating officer Mark Langer said the decision to close was due to a combination of a decrease in guests and the closure of a resort in a larger market.

Cheyenas newest home will be built in the form of a wall, which will be made from natural wood, he said.

“We’re not building it to be a big, fancy house, but a really nice house, and it will have the right size, it will sit on top of a nice hill and it’s going to have an open-air kitchen,” he said, adding that the resort would still be open to guests.

Cheys resort is located on the western slopes of the Cheyanka Mountains.

It opened in 2010 and is home to 1,200 guests.

A new resort is not expected to open until 2020.

CheYenas home is expected to be renovated. 

“It’s a very nice house,” Langer added.

“The building is going to be built from scratch, it’s been built from a rock, it has a lot of features that you would not normally see on a modern house.”

Langer said he did not know when the Cheys next would reopen.

The owner of Cheyenfors home, a local rancher, has been in negotiations with the resort.

He said he has not yet received an offer.

“The ranch is still very active, it is a great place to work,” Lager said.

“But we are going to need to see a buyer in the next couple of weeks.”