A mountain man’s quest to find the answer to a ragged, mysterious mountain puzzle

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A mountain climber in Queensland’s Pilbara region has found an ancient stone puzzle on a remote part of the region that he believes could be an ancient clue to solving the ragged and dangerous mountain puzzle.

Key points:A white mountain man found a rusted piece of stone on a secluded rock on the Mt Eden-Kelva Peninsula in the Pilbara last weekThe puzzle is thought to be a jigsaw puzzle, with clues to find hidden treasure in itMr Tom O’Malley said he found the rusted stone on the rugged rock known as Kelva Mountain last week.

“We’re on the edge of the wilderness and it’s been around for 200 years and there’s been a lot of people coming and going, people who’ve gone up the hill, and they haven’t found anything,” Mr O’Malleys dad, Jim O’Mahony, said.

“The only thing we’ve found is a piece of rock.”

I think that’s pretty important.

I don’t know what’s up there, I don-t think there’s a clue, and I’ve never heard of a rashed stone.

“Mr O’Malley has found the puzzle several times over the years, including when he was a teenager and was just trying to complete his final year of university.

He was just about to finish his final university exams when he discovered a piece that appeared to be jigsaw pieces.”

It was an old piece that was cracked in two places,” he said.

Mr O ‘Malley said the riddle has a lot to do with a nearby creek, which was part of his childhood adventure.”

When I was a kid I’d come back to that creek and I would go down there and walk down the river and there would be old stones that were sitting there,” he explained.”

One of those was rusted.”‘

A little bit of a mystery’A group of white mountain men, called the Kelva Group, are said to have set up camp on the steep slopes of Kelva Peak in the 1990s, when they were trying to clear their mind of the effects of heavy drugs.

They were not well known outside the Pilbarians, where they were the only known group of people who did not use any drugs, but they did not live in the area, and Mr OMalley said his discovery had been a little bit “a little bit a mystery”.”

It’s quite a small area, I think we only have about five or six people that live there and it seems like it would be a little strange to find a piece,” he told 7.30.”

But it’s just so strange that it’s not a riddle that we know about.

“He said they were looking into a number of theories, including that the rumbled stone was part “of the history of the place” and a “lost piece of history”.

Mr O Malleys father said the puzzle had to be “one of the most important stones we’ve ever found”.”

We are very excited to find this piece of the puzzle,” he added.”

Hopefully it will tell us more about what happened to the ancient people that lived here.”‘

It is a very interesting piece’Mr O O’O’Malley, who is a member of the Kelava Group, said he had contacted the Pilbares Department of Parks and Wildlife, which has been working with the group since finding the rattle.”

Parks and Wildlife has been trying to find out what happened here, and what happened after the early 1800s, and whether there’s still any of that,” he revealed.”

They’ve got some really big, very ancient artifacts that are out there that we don’t really know anything about, so hopefully it will give us a little insight.

“Mr OsMalley said the group was still looking into the puzzle, but that they had been looking for clues since the 1970s.”

There’s been some pretty big, old stone jigsaw puzzles, and this one’s got quite a lot going for it,” he remarked.”

In my eyes it’s one of the more interesting pieces that I’ve found, because there are so many clues, there are bits and pieces and pieces.”‘

I don’t think we have a clue’Mr Tom said the only clue he had was the rashed piece.”

My father’s a bit of an explorer, and he has always been a bit off the beaten track,” he joked.”

He’s always looked at new things and he was always looking for things that he didn’t understand.

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